Purchasing Integral Operations Audit Service

The Audit importance

Audit Benefits

  • Promote and Assure the Ethic, Honest and professional performance of the Purchasing Agents, Supervisors and Superintendents responsible for approving Contracts or Services
  • Detect deviations from Company policies in Activities and Documentation (from Internal Documental Policies as to ISO 9000 / ISO 14000, etc., company Policies).
  • Obtain an Objective, Professional and Independent Audit Report
  • Detect Conflict of Interest
  • Detect Conflict of Interest
  • Detect Price Improvements Opportunities
  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Improve Company Revenue
  • Increase Productivity
  • Supports the Inventory Reduction and Obsolete Inventory reduction
  • Eliminate Over-billing and special arrangements Suppliers-Purchasing agents
  • Maximize the Efficiency in the Purchasing Department
  • Minimize Purchasing Response time
  • Improve Intradepartmental communication
  • Eliminate Non-value-Added Activities
  • Set up firm foundations for Supplier Development
  • Improve affectivity of Procurement Control Operations
  • Detect bottle necks

Some of our value-added opportunities & deliverables:

  • Purchasing Audit Report (Determine whether the procedures, processes and documentation for procurement and contracting are in accordance with the Company (the client) policies)
  • Findings of existence of unauthorized & fraudulent purchases
  • Best Opportunities Available (better costs opportunities from sources)
  • Professional and Independent information on the Purchasing agents Ethic and Efficiency
  • List of waste activities and inefficiencies in the procurement process and Purchasing department
  • Report of findings of invalid or missing Purchasing documentation according to Internal Policies
  • Actual Process flow diagram vs Documented Process flow
  • List of recommendations in policies and practices
  • Reviewing compliance with purchasing's objectives, policies, and procedures
  • Provide an Independent and objective evaluation of the procurement-purchasing operations
  • Other deliverables not shown in this page

Some of our Goals in the Purchasing Audit

  • Provide a professional, experimented and independent information to the Client-Company
  • Provide an independent opinion about ethic, efficiency and effectiveness in the use of the funds of the company in the Procurement-Purchasing departments and life-cycle
  • Detect unethical and fraudulent behavior activities
  • Provide an Independent information on the Ethic and Efficiency of the Client`s Purchasing agents
  • Recommend on cost opportunities (total cost of ownership)
  • Improve the health of the cash-flow
  • Offer Professional Analysis on Purchasing Agents Productivity and Efficiency levels
  • Provide assurance to Executive management on equal opportunities given to suppliers
  • Report the Purchasing level of compliance and Purchasing-supplier-evaluation compliance
  • Other goals not shown in this page

Additional Services in Purchasing – Supply chain

  • Supplier development
  • Supplier Physical and Process Audits
  • Supplier logistic and Remote Audit
  • Supplier Evaluations
  • Six Sigma Programs
  • Search for additional sources
  • Time and movement analysis
  • Lead Time Analysis
  • Five S Quality tool
  • Kaizen Opportunities