Excellence in supply chain

Not only we offer Integral, Administrative, Operational and Documental Audit Services to the Procurement and Purchasing Operations, but as part of our portfolio of services we also provide Professional Consulting and Audit Services in the Supply Chain which entails to the Improvement in efficiency in material flow and exchange of information in all the Value Chain inside and outside the company with the goal to improve processes, eliminate waste, cost reduction, keep actual market and client demands satisfied, attract new market and consequently increase revenue.

Our Professional Consultants Certified in the Supply Chain Management and Production and Inventory Control Management attain a detail Qualitative and Quantitative Consulting Audit Plan to the Strategic, Tactic and Operational Procedures, Sales/Post-sales Processes, Planning and Purchasing, Research & Development, Logistics, Centralized and Decentralized storage and warehousing, Supply, Quality and Production Processes as it applies to the nature of our clients.

The importance of the Audit and Supply Chain Analysis

A Professional Independent Supply Chain analysis offers the organization a solid & professional foundation to support Executive Management in short and long term strategic positioning decisions, Establish and/or change policies as well as contributes to the continuous improvement.

Benefits of the Supply Chain Audit Program

  • Provides Professional Independent Information for Executive Decision Making
  • Promotes the Effective and Efficient development of all the Personnel within the Supply Chain
  • Builds solid foundation to the efficient material flow
  • Creates and Improves a Continuous Improvement Environment
  • Measures and Improves Client Satisfaction
  • Entails new market and Client attraction
  • Improves Cash Flow
  • Provides solid bases of communication improvement in all the company including its point of sales, DC`s and Plants
  • Improves Pre-loading and shipping times
  • Eliminates Waste and non-Value-added Activities
  • Provides Benchmark vs similar World Class Industries
  • Detects and eliminates bottle necks
  • Provides a solid base for Training Needs Assessment in the Supply Chain

Some of our value added deliverables

  • Supply Chain Audit Report (Provides findings and informs on Qualitative and Quantitative areas of opportunities in Strategic, Tactical and Operative Sale/Post-sale, Planning, Purchasing, Research and development, Logistics, Warehousing & Supply areas in all processes and procedures monitoring execution vs Company Policies
  • Results of opportunity findings (value-add-opportunities)
  • Detection of Fraudulent and Unethical Activities
  • Detection of Improvement & Cost Reduction Opportunities
  • Report the Internal & External Client-supplier fulfillment level
  • Inform variances on Actual vs Documented Process Flow Diagram
  • Kanban Administration Report
  • Supplier Relations & Administration Report
  • Provide commitment and fulfillment of objectives, policies and procedures en each area/department and link in the Value chain
  • Independent and Objective Evaluation of Sales Operations, Warehousing, Production and Procurement
  • Post-sale and client Services Performance Assessment
  • Other deliverables not shown in this page

Some of our key objectives in the Supply chain Audit & Consulting

  • Provide Experimented, Professional and Independent Information to the client company with the highest Quality-Value for Supply chain`s Executive Decision Making
  • Provide an Independent Opinion and Analysis of the Ethic, Efficiency and effectiveness in all the Supply Chain links
  • Detect fraudulent and Unethical Activities
  • Offer Professional Analysis on Purchasing, Warehouse and Production Personnel Productivity and Efficiency levels
  • Recommend on Cost Reduction Opportunities
  • Improve the Cash Flow
  • Report Level of Internal and External client Satisfaction
  • Provide Information of level of fulfillment Internal Client-supplier Relations
  • Other Objectives not shown in this page

Additional Services

  • Training, and Support in Software ERP JDEdwards
  • Six Sigma Quality Improvement Program
  • Supplier Evaluations & Audits
  • Cost Reduction and Optional Suppliers Program
  • Time and Movement Analysis
  • Analysis of Fill Rate (Total Lead Time, Quality & Delivery analysis)
  • Five S Quality Improvement Tool “5 S`”
  • Kaizen Opportunities Program