Accounts Payable

Sundry invoices
Sundry invoices change currency
Void-sundry invoices
3-way vaoucher match
Voucher math with direct charge item
Reverse voucher match
Speed status change
Automatic check_creation
Manual payment with match
Void Payments
AP integrityies reports
AP reports
Payee control
New lines added at voucher match vs PO
Purchaseorder through AP
AP approval
Assign an approval route
Mantain approval routes
Approval delegation

Finance and General accounting

Journal entry with debit credit format
Approve and post jaournal entry
General journal by batch
Account ledger inquiry
Void posted journal entry
Close accounting period of the year
General acctg integrity reports
Account balance by month
Balance sheet
Trial balance report
Running the annual close
Update exchange rate
Running unrealized gain loss and monetary valuation
Reconciliation bank tape
Manual bank account reconciliation
Add job cost accounts
Inter company transactions
Month end process with unrealized - realized gain loss
Add journal entries XA transaction to fixed asset

Inventory and procurement

Item add
Item add branch plant
Non-stock item add
Quantities for reorder point
Inventory adjustments
Inventory transfers
Issue stock to WO and MRO services
Inventroy inquiries and analisys
Add quote
Assigns suppliers to quotes for bid process
Add prices (bids) to quotes
Convert quote into requisition/purchase order
Requisitio add and copy
Requisition (cancel)
Requisition hold level release
Req approvals
Generateorders fomr requisitions
Purchase order add and copy
Blanket orders
Blanket order release
Print purchase orders
Reverse receipts

General navigation

Address book
New address book record
Add suppplier
Contact and mailing information
Accounts payable info
Add employee
Add tax authority
Deactivate supplier

JDE Basics and General Navigation

JDE Briefs
URL links
PD, PY, TR environments
Sign on and off, change password
Menu/task views
Application and reports
Save and remove fomr favorites
Printing PDF and CSV
Importing and exporting to excel
Customize grid
Query by example (QBE)
UDC (user define codes)
Data browser

Fixed assets

Create asset master
Create journal entry with fixed asset ID
Post journal entry with fixed asset ID
Unposted costs
Fixed asset account reconciliation report
Batch model Depreciate asset


Create equipment master
Add parts to BOM
Add labour to BOM
Add BOM to equipment master
Standing work orders
Create a work order
Print work orders
Create emergency work orders
Service types
Preventive maintenance work order
Check pasrt availability vs planned start date
Create PO fomr a work order