Work Study & Industrial Engineering

Work Study and Industrial Engineering
In Partnership with Solme Sweeden, we represent and are an authorized reseller for the State-of-the-Art AviX software in Mexico, Spain and South of the United States.

The Industrial Office is an interactive system for Lean, continuous improvement and development of People – Processes – Products within the manufacturing industry world wide.

TecHnologY AviX

AviX® is a tool for supporting industrial engineering work, comprising several modules which all aim to improve the user's competitiveness in products and processes. The idea behind AviX® is that by better knowledge of your products and your processes, the more in detail the better, your possibilities to find, motivate and initiate improvements of products and processes are greatly enhanced.

With AviX® the companies find new routes to productivity improvements that else would be virtually impossible to achieve using conventional methods. AviX® uses standard times and a unique method to classify objects and activities in three categories: value yield, necessary and losses.

• Time and Motion
• Resource and Work Balance
• FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis)
• DFX (Design for X)
• Ergonomics

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• Time and Motion
Increase the Productivity in your processes, using the latest technology

Areas of use:

- Time and motion studies
- PMTS studies
- Time watch studies
- Productivity and efficiency studies
- Estimation of improvement potential
- Possible to make analysis without film
- Same time results as other PMTS-systems in shorter time
- Video technology improves communication
- Easy to learn
- Efficient way of communicating result
Consult and Audits utilizes the AviX software for consulting and/or represent Solme to sell the software to its customers in Mexico, United States and Spain.

Resource and Work Balance

AviX® Balance is a production line balancing software. It helps you to optimize your production line. With the data from AviX® Method you can create and simulate new production lines for your products.

In AviX® Resource Balance the work operations are balanced between the different workstations and internally between the operators. As a result, AviX® visualizes (graphically and numerically) losses caused by an unbalanced workflow. This also means that AviX® Resource Balance has the capability of handling multiple operators and can be used to analyze man-machine operations. The final outcome is reduced balancing losses and the possibility to print new work instructions from the software.

FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis)

AviX® FMEA performs FMEA analyses for products and processes in a new and simple way. And this with unique means to connect to the process via video and to the product via its product structure. Search, find and give priority to the right FMEA actions to prevent quality deviations be their cause process or design related.

• Faster, realistic and pleasant FMEA analyses
• Work with several products simultaneously
• Visualize your FMEA in color codes
• Automatic calculation of RPN for product or process
• Modernize the production engineering work

• Identify potential process related errors in the production process
• Map the effects for the customer should certain errors occur
• Identify weaknesses in manufacturing and assembly processes
• Prioritize decisions
Consult and Audits utilizes the AviX software for consulting and/or represent Solme to sell the software to its customers in Mexico, United States and Spain.

• DFX (Design for X)

Consult and Audits utilizes the AviX software for consulting and/or represent Solme to sell the software to its customers in Mexico, United States and Spain.

AviX® DFX is the generic name for a module where focus is put on the product and its design. In AviX® DFX this can be done from various perspectives depending on need and/or desire.

AviX® DFX simplifies and standardizes how to work with issues of manufacturability. Support is given by examples and search functions thereby making the work more pleasant and the results better.

DfX methodologies addresses different issues that may occur in a phase of a product life cycle:
• Development Phase
• Production Phase
• Utilization Phase
• Disposal Phase

When working with DFX related topics, the meeting itself often constitutes the major part of the gain in the method. Therefore it is of special importance to have a good tool where ideas and propositions are well documented.

With DFX analyses money and effort can be saved in the product development phase. The number of components and manual steps to produce a product can often be reduced by 20-40%.
• Search, find and follow-up your DFX analyses
• Simplifies the work with evaluating, documenting and communicating assembly aspects
• Use visual aids like video, drawings and images
• Work in cross-functional groups is supported and can be run more efficient
• Ergonomics

AviX® Ergo combines the in-depth analysis of the workplace achieved by AviX® Method with the acknowledged Borg CR-10 scale to determine physiological strain levels at the work place, and in parallel assess psychological stress. Starting from the AviX® Method video analysis, categorizing the motions at the workplace into eight basic movements and four ergonomic modifiers, AviX® Ergo uses this for an interactive, video based analysis with the workers involved. Facilitated by an expert, the physiological strain and psychological stress levels are determined and visualized on-screen without delay.

IMPROVEMENT MEASURES can be immediately developed and mirrored back into the AviX® Method application, regularly resulting not only in the improvement of the working conditions, but also of productivity.

THE UNDERLYING METHODOLOGY of the Borg CR-10 scale has been one of the first widely used methods for ergonomics optimization, based on the groundbreaking work of Prof. Gunnar Borg from Stockholm University.
Dating back to the 60ies in its origins, the first Borg scale was derived in the early 80ies. Today it is recognized as one of the shaping factors for Sweden's worker centred productivity movement that laid the groundwork for today's strong position of Sweden's manufacturing industries.
THE COLOURING SYSTEM allows to visually grasp the extent and location of possible.strain. Having the video permanently visible in parallel, the origin of the strain or stress is apparent and countermeasures can easily be developed.
THE PEDAGOGIC APPROACH of AviX® Ergo allows everyone working in the production to be involved in the improvement process. The program helps facilitate the discussion within the group; any change immediately becomes visible and can be shared for better understanding.

• Ergonomic studies in manufacturing and office
• Planning of workplaces and manufacturing lines
• Ergonomics training and education in manufacturing and office
• Continuous improvement

• Production
• Production Engineering
• Production Planning
• Office Planning
• Education
• Occupational Medicine